Talented Dragonborn Sorcerer from Melinoch


Heskan ‘Sparkscale’ Iyotar (Private/Familiar name only), of the ‘Blades Against Roiling Heavens’ Clan (Common Parlance: ‘Sky Reaver’)Level 6 Sorcerer
Medium Humanoid
Initiative +4 … Senses Insight +3, Perception +3
HP 49; Bloodied 24
AC 17 (19 Bloodied); Fort 17 (18 Bloodied), Ref 15 (16 Bloodied), Will 20 (21 Bloodied)
Resistances Lightning 5
Speed 6
Action Points 1
Class Features Draconic Power, Draconic Resilience, Dragon Soul, Scales of the Dragon, Spell Source (Dragon Magic)
At-Will Powers Arcing Fire, Dragonfrost
Encounter Powers Dancing Lightning, Explosive Pyre, Ice Dragon’s Teeth
Utility Powers Arcane Mutterings, Sudden Scales
Daily Powers Lightning Breath, Thunder Leap
Alignment Good … Languages Common, Draconic, Primordial
Skills Arcana, Athletics, Dungeoneering, History
Feats Ancient Soul, Arcane Familiar, Hurl Breath
Str 17 (+6) … Dex 12 (+4) … Wis 10 (+3)
Con 12 (+4) … Int 12 (+4) … Cha 19 (+7)
Equipment Dagger, Adventurer’s Kit (w/ silk rope), Fine Clothing; Staff of Ruin +2, Shimmering Cloth Armor +1, Cape of the Mountebank +1, Siberys Shard of the Mage; Everburning Lantern; Dragonling Familiar
Background Trait Birth on Another Plane: +2 Arcana



This dragonborn gives you a long, appraising look before baring his teeth in a grin. He is a little above average weight for one of his kind, and of middling height—meaning he still looms over most people. His eyes are a striking pale gold, gazing intently out from a blunt-snouted face with long chin spines, short backswept horns and frills. His scales are a dusky bronze, mingled with lighter hues, and the occasional iridescent blue-green mottling. Unlike most other dragonborn you’ve seen, he bears a pair of underdeveloped wings and a short, sturdy tail.

He is dressed in an eccentric mix of clothing and equipment: Robes dyed in various shades of red, with heavy gold embroidery, leather bracers and shin-guards, and various pouches and sashes. In one hand, he clutches a staff of fire-hardened wood, set with an opalescent jewel; the wood is coiled around the gem into a vaguely draconic shape. On his shoulder is perched a small, dragonlike creature whose appearance seems to change minutely at any given moment.

- – - – - – - – - -


Hailing from the island city of Melinoch, Heskan’s birth was viewed as an auspicious event by many, especially since he and his cousin Trilixen both came into the world with the wings and tail of a full dragon. Further proof of his heritage in the form of his sorcerous powers manifested soon after, and he quickly learned to channel the arcane, even drawing an elemental spirit to himself as a familiar. As a youngling, Heskan’s curiosity led him to wander the paths of the city, climbing its highest towers and gazing out at the swirling Elements beyond. The ritual that drew Melinoch out of the Elemental Chaos was a strangely jarring event to him, locking their city into a safe, stable, but very fixed location. No longer would the view outside the city change and shift; no more would he assist in the defense of the city against its terrible attackers.

A mixture of boredom and curiosity—as well as his intent to keep watch on his brawling cousin, should she get into trouble—led him to explore the world, ending up as a sometime envoy to Lord Brice’s home, ferrying messages between Calthoun and Melinoch. His own heritage, and the auspices of his birth (as well as those of his cousin) drive him to excel and prove himself as an exemplar of the dragonborn. Heskan seeks to ensure a place in this world for his people, and to seek whatever destiny has been set for him.

He sometimes talks a little too much, and can be impetuous, almost as much as Trilixen. When excited or angered, static crackles across his form, and the smell of ozone emanates from his scales. His magic comes as naturally to him as breathing, evoking draconic imagery or changes in his body as he calls upon one power or other, even when he channels his power through his familiar to strike for him.

- – - – - – - – - -


Jealous Rivalry: Kartaz, a debonnaire tiefling arcanist, handy with spell and blade, is only a few years older than Heskan, and has always been jealous of the sorcerer’s talent. Despite the alliance between the two races, he’s made no secret of his envy, and feels that Heskan’s power is wasted on him. Magic should be refined and intricate, not raw and unstable. Kartaz is especially displeased that he was shown up during one of the final skirmishes in the Elemental Chaos, when Heskan ‘stole’ a kill Kartaz was about to make. The tiefling was also competing for the position of envoy with Lord Brice’s house—another bitter sting that he still feels.

Object of Legacy: The opalescent gem that Heskan carries with him at all times enhances his arcane abilities, and was given to him from his clan’s hoard as a youngling when his talents first became apparent. It’s definitely tied to draconic power, and influences its surroundings a little—for example, melding seamlessly into a weapon or staff, and bending its substance into dragon-like shapes. The trouble is, no one remembers exactly where it came from. What is its origin? Might it hold secrets of its own, or further power to be unlocked… and if so, how?

Expanding Territories: Now that Melinoch has settled on a world on the Material Plane, its inhabitants are no longer confined to the great city, unable to do more than briefly control the ever-shifting territory around it in the Elemental Chaos. This may be a time for expansion and growth beyond the city, to forge a new territory for the people of Melinoch. But where? Heskan has heard of the Grey Wood—perhaps the elven peoples would welcome an alliance to reclaim the land in exchange for part of the territory itself. Perhaps carving out a piece of the world for his kin is part of Heskan’s own destiny.

Fading Alliances: The tieflings and dragonborn of Melinoch have been allied for centuries on end as the city drifted through the Elemental Chaos. Whether an alliance of convenience or genuine affection, the open world around them presents some concerns. Will the two peoples go their own way? Does one seek to dominate the other now that they are not faced with greater enemies? Or will they work together to make their own place in the world? As strange as the tieflings can be, Heskan is very familiar with them, and would rather see all working together for a greater good.

- – - – - – - – - -

Power Thematics

Arcane Mutterings: The voice of an ancient wyrm, whispering secrets in draconic, echoes behind Heskan’s own as he speaks.

Arcing Fire, Explosive Pyre: The translucent image of a great red dragon’s head briefly obscures Heskan’s own, opening its mouth to breath out a very real blast of fire.

Lightning Breath: Sparks crackle across Heskan’s limbs as his scales mottle with blue and bronze, before channeling into a fierce bolt of lightning.

Dragon Breath: Heskan’s mouth opens wide, and static arcs around his teeth and tongue before he breathes out an arcing blast of electricity.

Dragonfrost, Ice Dragon’s Teeth: A thick layer of frost rimes Heskan’s scales, turning him pale white, returning to normal as he exhales a cloud of razor-sharp ice crystals.

Scales of the Dragon, Sudden Scales: Heskan’s scales thicken into heavy armored plates, elemental energies bleeding from beneath them.

Thunder Leap: Thunder rumbles around Heskan as his wings and tail briefly grow to full size. His tail lashes around him like a cracking whip, and he leaps into the air, landing elsewhere with a thundering downbeat of his wings.


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