Backgrounds for Dwarves

Restless City Dwarf

Your family left the mountain kingdom generations ago. Even though you grew up around humans, you feel a certain fascination with the heavily-armored heroes of dwarven legend. You can almost recite most of the stories you’ve squeezed out of the elders in your town. Tending your parents’ store or making farm implements for the rest of your life sounds a lot less fun than hitting a few orcs with the biggest axe you can find.

Associated Skills: History, Insight, Streetwise

Stalwart Champion

A part of you is aware that the ancient halls of the dwarves are deserted and that the armies of old are no more. You’ve seen for yourself the crypts spilling over with walking dead and the caverns overrun by goblins, troglodytes, or worse. Somehow none of that has deterred you from wanting to bring your hammer down on your people’s enemies and drive them back into darkness.

Associated Skills: Endurance, Dungeoneering

Languages: Deep Speech, Giant, Goblin

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Backgrounds for Dwarves

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