Backgrounds for Elves and Eladrin

Arcane Savant

The elves have collected powerful lore for many years. As a promising talent in the arcane arts, you were bombarded with knowledge in the hope that your precocious insights would break the terrible curse that imprisoned your people.

Associated Skills: Arcana

Languages: Abyssal, Draconic, Primordial

Ghoul Hunter

Hundreds of years of warfare against the undead have taught your people a few things. Sneaking up on enemies who do not sleep or draw breath, who may be nothing more than a dark shadow with a thirst for living souls, is no easy task. You made it your purpose to hunt these abominations down and prevent them from rising again.

Associated Skills: Perception, Religion, Stealth

Noble Heir

Despite the centuries of warfare and the near destruction of your people, some things have been preserved. Yours was a great house once, and it will be one again.

Associated Skills: Diplomacy, History, Insight

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Backgrounds for Elves and Eladrin

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