Backgrounds for the Bear Tribe

Bear Totem Speaker

Fasting and meditating alone for several days on end in sacred caves has gifted you with powerful lore. For generations, your family has preserved the ways of the tribe. You continue this spiritual journey, even as if it takes you far from your home in search of higher knowledge.

Associated Skills: Endurance, Religion

Special: You may use your Wisdom in place of your Constitution to determine starting hit points.

Giant Slayer

Frost giants have waged a long campaign against your people, killing the weak and keeping the strong as slaves. You have fought to free all your kinsmen, regardless of clan, from these tyrants. Years of conflict have trained you to be quiet and mobile, for no advantage can be ignored in a struggle against such monsters.

Associated Skills: Athletics, Stealth

Languages: Giant

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Backgrounds for the Bear Tribe

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