Backgrounds for the River Folk


Many legends claim that the river folk’s betrayal ended an era of great peace and prosperity. Generations of your people have lead humble lives, saddened by this legacy. You were among the first to take up the sword again and to defy the elders’ ways. The destiny you fulfill will redeem your people and make the world forget this so-called betrayal.

Associated Skills: Diplomacy, Intimidate

Special: You may use your Charisma instead of your Constitution to determine your base hit points.

Riverboat Trader

River folk sometimes encounter tremendous prejudice, and a successful riverboat trader is often to blame. These smooth-talking merchants strike fast deals and head downstream in search of the next profit. They have a sharp eye for value that keeps them on top of the competition.

Associated Skills: Bluff, Insight

Languages: Any except Abyssal, Primordial, or Supernal

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Backgrounds for the River Folk

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