Backgrounds of Melinoch

Highborn Aesthete

Not everyone dedicated his life to struggle. Melinoch did not survive centuries of conflict by mere strength of arms. Families like yours dedicated themselves to keeping order within the city. Some say this created a pampered class of nobles who never lifted a weapon, but some people will always find something to criticize.

Associated Skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Insight

Order’s Champion

Few soldiers can say they have battled the terrors of the Elemental Chaos. Many hardened soldiers would not even last a day in the endless burning wastes. You have survived battles against the most awful of fiends on the most inhospitable battlefields.

Associated Skills: Arcana, Endurance

Languages: Abyssal, Primordial

Wanderer of the Wastes

Survival in old Melinoch was a chore for everyone. Some kept only a tenuous connection to the mighty citadel, trying instead to make their fortunes or find their fates in the misery of the Elemental Chaos.

Associated Skills: Endurance, Perception

Special: You may use your Dexterity instead of your Constitution to determine your starting hit points.

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Backgrounds of Melinoch

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