Deities of the World

The list of deities that follows replaces that given in the PH and FRPG:

Name (M/F): Alignment: Portfolio
Belnor (M) Lawful Good Wealth, Order, Peace, Civilization
Chaldriss (?) Unaligned Earth, Nature, Animals
Drell (F) Good Woman, Charity, Mercy, Persuasion
Fornona (F) Good Suffering, Healing, Forgiveness
Gamrun (M) Unaligned Strength, Leadership, Control
Larc (M) Good Man, Industry, Struggle
Marva (F) Unaligned Wind, Magic, Change
Rethora (F) Chaotic Evil Flame, Chaos, War
Shaelin (M) Unaligned Death, Justice, Time
The Dark Lady (F) Evil Night, Secrets, Revenge
Wersel (M) Unaligned Water, Fate, Chance

Deity Profiles

Typical worshippers of each deity are as below. Exceptions are many; do not feel that all characters (PC or NPC) will follow these guidelines.

All the deity-specific Channel Divinity feats listed in the Compendium are listed again here, with the names of the original deities. In recording these on your character sheet, use the name of your actual deity. For example, if your Paladin of Belnor has the Sune’s Touch feat, record it on your character sheet as “Belnor’s Touch.”


Merchants and city-dwellers, especially dwarves, adhere to the teachings of Belnor. Dwarves call him by the same name as humans do. Major cities inevitably are home to grand temples of Belnor. Adventurers who take up Belnor’s cause often seek to spread good will and encourage the benefits of cooperation. They also strike fiercely against those who seek to overturn civilization and create disorder.

Channel Divinity Feats: Angharradh’s Favor (FRPG), Sune’s Touch (FRPG)


Many in rural communities pay their respects to the nature deity, whom many believe is both genders (or perhaps neither). The Bear tribesmen of the north claim that Chaldriss is male and call him Aldor. Druids call him by the same name, as they sometimes make mention of Chaldriss in their rites (though they refuse to weigh in on the issue of the deity’s gender). The elves also particularly revere Chaldriss. Few temples exist in Chaldriss’s name, but many small shrines can be found in places of great natural beauty. Adventurers for Chaldriss typically seek to protect the wilderness from those who would despoil it.

Channel Divinity Feats: Blessing of Silvanus (FRPG), Fleetness of Mielikki (FRPG)


From queens to housewives to tavern wenches, all women give thanks to Drell. She is usually seen as Larc’s wife, though many tales portray her as beholden to no man. Unlike her purported husband, she chooses clerics of all ranks. All are women, however. Modest temples to Drell are fairly common, though some kings discourage her worship. Adventurers seeking to advance the cause of this goddess often stand up for women. In general, they speak up or take up arms for anyone who is oppressed or unfortunate.

Channel Divinity Feats: Melora’s Tide (PH), Sheela Peryroyl’s Gift (FRPG), Waukeen’s Silver Tongue (FRPG)


Fornona is widely revered, as all are grateful for her gifts. Few make a frequent habit of praying to her, however, except those who devote their lives to healing. Temples to this goddess are small and quite rare, since her devotees frown upon extravagance. An adventurer who follows her cause puts himself between others and danger, willingly suffering to protect or heal the weak.

Channel Divinity Feats: Berronar’s Salve (FRPG), Favor of Tymora (DRA 365), Ilmater’s Martyrdom (FRPG)


Nobles, soldiers, goliaths, and dwarves comprise many of Gamrun’s flock. To the Dwarves, he is known as Gardor. His followers often wield axes or hammers in time of war. Dragonborn, dwarves, and humans build impressive temples to Gamrun, but all races have at least some thanks to offer him. Many adventurers also pray to Gamrun, for he is said to watch over the greatest warriors. Such adventurers, though not foolhardy, look forward to battle as a test of their might and a chance to earn their god’s favor.

Channel Divinity Feats: Chauntea’s Blessing (FRPG), Moradin’s Resolve (PH) , Righteous Rage of Tempus (FRPG)


Every man who toils, every man who has a family, prays to Larc. He is also seen as the champion of the commoner. All of Larc’s clerics are men and most are of the lower classes. Some of these men set out on adventures, perhaps to right a wrong done to their people or to free their home from some menace. Some have even slain kings or emperors who have abused their power and mistreated the common man too severely. For this reason, worship of Larc is forbidden in some places. In every village, one can expect to find a simple temple or shrine dedicated to Larc, even if this temple is kept hidden from local authorities.

Channel Divinity Feats: Armor of Bahamut (PH), Harmony of Erathis (PH)


Wizards, Sorcerers, scholars, and mystics all follow the way of Marva. She is also held in esteem by the elves, as well as the Skysight tribesmen of the plains. Her followers despise any who worship her sister, Rethora. Though somewhat rare, her priests often take up the path of adventure in search of ancient secrets or new lore. Temples of Marva are often more like libraries than traditional places of worship. Skysight tribesmen believe that it is more sacred to worship this goddess under the open sky.

Channel Divinity Feats: Gond’s Craft (FRPG), Ioun’s Poise (PH), Oghma’s Recall (FRPG), Power of Amaunator (FRPG)


Few pray to Rethora, or do anything else that warrants her notice. She is not known for listening to anyone’s requests. Services that do occur in her name are held in secret. Some say that evil races follow her will, though they call her by many other names. In evil lands, it is rumored that vast temples are built in her name. In other places, a bloody altar in a forgotten cellar may be the only permanent place for her worship. Her clerics and followers often charge into battle armed with flails or scourges. Adventurers who worship Rethora are often regarded as little more than bullies, mercenaries, and grave-robbers.

Channel Divinity Feats: Kord’s Favor (PH), Torm’s Justice (FRPG)


Soldiers (and their loved ones) pray that Shaelin will stay his hand. All pay him respect at the proper time. He is also the chief god of the Wolf tribe, who call him Lennus Greybeard. Temples to this god are rare, for his followers preach that little is permanent. Services in his honor can be held in any place. Wherever they hail from, his followers practice their skills with the bow.

Channel Divinity Feats: Avandra’s Rescue (PH), Kelemvor’s Judgment (FRPG), Raven Queen’s Blessing (PH)

The Dark Lady

Services to The Lady are rare indeed, as no mortals even know her name. Further, any who openly paid their respects to the goddess of night would be lucky to live through their prayers. Only those who plot deeds best accomplished at night think to give her thanks. Temples or even simple shrines to this goddess are often destroyed when found, even in evil lands. Adventurers who take up her name are feared as thieves, assassins, and traitors.

Channel Divinity Feats: Corellon’s Grace (PH), Sehanine’s Reversal (PH)


Rogues, Bards, travelers, vagabonds, and gamblers all hope for Wersel’s favor, though they are less than devout. The Stormkin tribe, however, takes his worship quite seriously. The tribesmen make their living as merchant sailors, and so they stake their lives and fortunes on the mercy of the sea. Wersel takes no sides in the feud between his sisters, Rethora and Marva. Simple shrines in his name can be found on almost every ship and in many ports. Adventurers who think themselves lucky (or who want to be lucky) offer praise to Wersel.

Channel Divinity Feats: Eyes of Selune (FRPG), Glittergold’s Gambit (FRPG), Tymora’s Coin (FRPG)


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